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Badal Roy

There can only be one Badal Roy. His funky tabla grooves have been fused into jazz and modern world music since the 70s. Now, after years of playing alongside jazz greats including Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman, this album is his own. One in the Pocket presents an eclectic mix of original tunes with strong jazz and world music influences. With Amit Chatterjee (electric guitar), Glen Velez (frame drums), Steve Gorn (bamboo flute, soprano sax), Duofel (acoustic guitars), Mike Richmond (bass), Jim Bowie (banjo) and Bob Haddad (percussion). (NMD 50315).

Glen Velez

Glen Velez is widely regarded as a virtuoso percussionist and a recognized authority on tambourine history. Although his performances and recording credits with other well-known artists are varied and many, these instances of his work are quite different from his own compositions and musical explorations using various types of frame drums.

In addition to Glen’s frame drums, mbira, steel drum and assorted percussion, this recording also features the vital hand drumming accompaniment of Layne Redmond, the exciting harmonica of Howard Levy on the title cut “Ramana,” and Jan Hagiwara (frame drum). (NMD 50307)

“A virtuoso performer.”
New York Times

“…a multi-fingered rain forest of percussion.”
The Washington Post


The Swedish Sax Septet

Riff-Ola is a striking and sublime recording of jazz horns steeped in Nordic folk music. Unusual rhythms and intriguing melodies make this outstanding recording shine like polished brass. (NMD 50311)

Glen Velez

HandDance by master percussionist Glen Velez is a dynamic celebration of rhythm. Glen and accompanist Layne Redmond play tambourines, frame drums and mbira. A fantastic array of sounds and textures are represented. (NMD 50301)

Piano Crossroads
Larry Karush

The sensitive pianist Larry Karush has performed with jazz and world music performers and is known for his work with the group Mokave. This recording combines piano with instruments from Africa and India, and always maintains a strong jazz element. Featured are Glen Velez (percussion), Howard Levy (harmonica), and others.
(NMD 50305)

Mike Richmond

Mike is an extraordinary jazz bassist and has performed with musicians as diverse as Dizzy Gillespie and Ravi Shankar. This captivating record is suffused with flavors of India, Africa and the Middle East, and features Glen Velez(percussion) Simon Shaheen (oud), and others. (NMD 50306)


Folk Scat is an amazing group of five singers from Bulgaria who blend traditional Eastern European influences with a modern jazz flair. Led by Bulgarian music innovator Kiril Todorov , this mesmerizing and stunning record is their world debut. (NMD 50310)

“One of the most original and engaging world music projects in recent memory.”

“An a cappella group from Bulgaria whose stirring vocals, polyphonic harmonies and jazzy arrangements could make them a major crossover success…”
j. poet, Rhythm Music Magazine

Nana Vasconcelos, Steve Gorn, Badal Roy, Mike Richmond
Asian Journal

Asian Journal is one of the classic pioneer recordings of world jazz. It presents a refreshing blend of melodies and rhythms with influences from Indian, Turkish and Afro-Brazilian cultures. Features Nana Vasconcelos (berimbau, talking drum, shakers); Steve Gorn (bansuri bamboo flute, sax); Badal Roy (tabla); Mike Richmond (bass); Ismet Siral (sax) and others. (NMD 50303)

Enzo Rao, Gianni Gebbia & Glen Velez

Ettna combines modern acoustic jazz with influences from the folk music of Sicily and the Middle East. With Enzo Rao (violin, bass),Gianni Gebbia (soprano sax, piano) and Glen Velez (percussion), these tunes bring out the best of both worlds without compromising cultural or musical integrity. (NMD 50309)

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